Your Other Half makes your business life simple, by providing a single contact for all of your business needs. We partner with you to prioritize and achieve your business goals. Your Other Half offers a broad range of services while providing the security and peace of mind that comes from entrusting your business to experts.

Your Other Half provides high-quality, individualized service to all of our clients. We create a tailored approach that meets each client’s specific needs, from both service and cost perspectives. While each solution is unique, all clients can expect to go through the following phases:

  • Initial contact: You reaches out to us to get connected, and for Your Other Half to learn a little bit about what you do.

  • Business Blindspot Detector: You choose the best way to take the Business Blindspot Detector - online form, workshop or one-on-one meeting with Your Other Half - and complete the intake process. Your Other Half provides a customized recommendation as a result of our review of your Business Blindspot Detector, which includes one complimentary Business Concierge recommendation.
  • Agreement: After you review our recommendation, we agree to what services Your Other Half will provide, with all pertinent details.

  • Services: Your Other Half begins to deliver high-touch, customized service just for you.  

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