Scott Paterson
Project Lead

"Alice jumped into the extreme deep end of this project and rocked it. She is an excellent coordinator. She was brought on to help me manage all the talent we were bringing on to do the 7 offsite stations. I have never worked with a better coordinator in my life. She is extremely well organized and pro-active. She excels at dealing with people-issues, like HR or talent management but also coordinating projects like ours that have many moving pieces. Her background working with theater and the arts comes into play when you need someone to be resourceful. Her typical method of operating is to think well into the future and anticipate possible issues or risks. Her ability to understand complex systems very quickly coupled with clarity of communication makes working with Alice a complete joy."

Bob Holling
Studio Holling

"Alice was an invaluable resource at Institute of Play. She always knew the answer of any HR or policy question I might have, but more importantly, she put systems in place to make it easier for our staff to find answers for themselves. She was incredibly organized and proactive about improving our operations, and executed on those improvements. She's very open to feedback and adjusts her approach to take full advantage of that input. Do yourself a favor and hire Alice to handle your HR and operations so you can focus on your business."

Criswell Lappin
Founder + Creative Director
Wellnow Design

"Alice is a thoughtful and diligent team player that executes projects at the highest level, and treats people with kindness and courtesy during the process. She was resourceful, organized, and dependable in her abilities to solve problems related to the projects we worked on together at Institute of Play. She is a fantastic collaborator that gets things done."

Eliza Spang
Director of Curriculum
Woodrow Wilson Foundation

"Starting on my first day at Institute of Play, Alice was the key person who I turned to in order to help me understand and manage the human resources aspects of my job. When I took on additional responsibilities of managing an internal team as well as outside consultants at Institute of Play, Alice taught me how to write contracts, on-board temporary staff, evaluate my team, and manage my own workload during extremely busy work periods. Additionally, Alice always provided on-the-mark advice about how to navigate difficult personnel issues within my team and with outside consultants. Her mediation and coaching skills helped to support  collaboration at our organization resulting in increased productivity of our staff. Ultimately, whenever I finished a work-related conversation with Alice, I felt fully confident about the next steps I needed to take to tackle any challenge or situation."