Your Other Half is your full-service business partner, working with you to address all of your needs from executive-level strategy to paperwork drudgery. With expertise in human resources, operations and project management, we’re equipped to help you set-up and manage your business, including strategy, people, liability, compliance, processes and select projects. For your additional business needs, we leverage our highly developed network of market-proven professionals, eliminating the time-drain of finding, selecting and managing the right team. 
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Your Other Half believes that the biggest business challenge our clients are facing is the one they don’t know about yet. That’s why we created the Business Blindspot Detector, our unique approach that identifies your business blindspots, so we can develop a customized solution just for you. This customized solution includes the best products and services to achieve your goals and one complimentary Business Concierge connection, our gift to you for starting the journey to operations peace with Your Other Half.

Our clients often struggle to stay compliant with frequently changing federal, state and local laws, leading to frustration, financial penalties and sleepless nights. Your Other Half’s Operations Monthly Action Plan (OpMAP) is designed to help business owners achieve 100% compliance with all applicable laws and industry-standard best practices in a single, detailed resource. Your customized OpMAP lands in your inbox monthly, providing step-by-step instructions for getting and staying 100% compliant in your human resources, operations, finance and legal practices. Your Other Half’s experts can also provide monthly, weekly or as-needed guidance to help complete your action items.

Every small business owner needs more time, and many find that too much time goes to the administrative drudgery of business ownership. Your Other Half’s Business Operations Strategy System (BOSS) is designed to give business owners and operators time back, by increasing efficiency and effectiveness in business operations. Your Other Half partners with you to hunt out inefficiencies, problems spots and friction points, and co-develops a step-by-step plan to eliminate them quickly and easily. The result? Lasting solutions, restored work-life balance and a happy team.

Your Other Half believes in working with our clients in whatever way works best for them, from providing DIY resources to full department outsourcing. To meet the diverse and changing needs of our clients, we offer a variety of additional services, which include:

  • Business Concierge. If you have a business need and don’t know how to find the PERFECT service provider (i.e. not your uncle or your brother’s frat brother), this service is for you. After connecting about your need, we provide a super-detailed, on-point recommendation that includes why we stand behind them. 
  • Business Adviser. This hourly service is great anytime you need actionable, operational advise for your business. Common uses include extra OpMAP support, employee discipline issues or terminations, or talking through why an operational system isn’t working.
  • Project Services. For those times when you have a business project you don’t have time to address or simply don’t want to do, Your Other Half can handle these needs. Common projects include Annual Benefits Enrollment, Business Insurance Renewal, Year-End Close, or a Wage and Hour Audit.
  • DIY Checklists. These checklists provide step-by-step instructions to complete recurring business tasks with ease, clarity and 100% compliance. Some examples include termination checklist, financial statement checklist, and digital security checklist.
  • DIY Packages.  These packages include our DIY checklist plus all the forms or templates needed to complete the task, making completion super quick AND 100% compliant. Some examples include our hiring package, performance review package, and year-end close package.
  • Department Outsourcing. If you’re too small to have an on-site Human Resources or Operations expert, or prefer to outsource for deeper bench, Your Other Half can provide Human Resource or Operations departments for select clients.